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Of Treasures of the Sea-Groix & Nature


Our specialty products are directly taken from the culinary traditions of the Groix Island of France. They are rich in flavour with no additives or dyes added. Enjoy the best of the sea thanks to the expertise of artisanal cannery Groix Island and discover its amazing lobster oil. 


French Lobster Oil - 44% Lobster

Made on a remote island in Brittany of France, the lobster oil is prepared from locally harvested European blue lobster slowly cooked for hours in grape seed oil.  This amazing golden-colour infused oil is used to season and enhance your salads, seafood, pasta, risotto, sushi, tartar, raw or cooked fish fillets and a variety of other dishes.  Awarded many times, this high oil quality and original blends to suit culinary inspirations.



250 mL

Lobster Bisque 

This Lobster Bisque is cooked with Blue Lobsters and Kari Gosse (a traditional mix of spices from France in the nineteenth Century).  With finesse shellfish, you can discover the finest taste of the lobster. The soup can be served plain or accompanied by croutons and a little cream. Serve hot. 


480 g

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