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Taste some luxury with Foie Gras



Since the 18th century, Strasbourg has been known as the great center for the production of Foie Gras in France. Georges Bruck, established in 1852, is continuously exclusively devoted to work with traditional recipes through rigorous selection (small farms breeding), a permanent control of raw materials (100% natural alimentation without OGM), a craft making and quality spice mixing.


Appreciated by generations of gourmets worldwide, Georges Bruck is still the only firm in Strasbourg and in Alsace with this particular knowledge on how to produce the “Foie Gras de Strasbourg” which is offered to prestigious customers such as Luxury Hotels and Restaurants, Fine Food Caterers and Delicatessen.


By constantly perfecting their working methods and recipes, the Rougié brand has become the genuine emblem of French taste with high standards and quality. It ranges from raw, frozen, fresh, pasteurized and preserved products, Rougié continue to expand an exceptional collection of top-quality specialties.

 Mousse of Foie Gras 

Smooth and decadently delicious, Mousse of Foie Gras gives it that distinct earthy flavor, while the whipping provides a fabulous texture. Cut in thick slices or spread on French bread or brioche. Great for cooking various dishes including meat, seafood and vegetables.



Bloc de Foie Gras 

Bloc of goose Foie Gras by Georges Bruck, one of the most famous French brands of Foie Gras. Preserved Foie Gras has a different taste to freshly cooked Foie Gras in its own way. Goose Foie Gras has a rich smooth buttery taste. This product is popular as an easy to prepare Foie Gras compared to the delicate fresh liver.


Goose Foie Gras

100% Piece of Whole Foie Gras. This hand made lobes give you an unique and pure taste that you will never forget.


Rougié Frozen Foie Gras Lob 

Fresh frozen foie gras makes cooking a gourmet dinner so easy. Just take these out of the package, cut it into slices easily and pan fry it at your leisure. Rougie, a world leader in fine foie gras production, selects each lob carefully to make sure they're perfect. Heats the slice and freezes them immediately after.

Rougié Duck Leg

A traditional French ready to eat duck confit delivers the best quality and premium taste. After slowly cooked, this super-tender meat's smooth and natural melting taste is preserved in its natural duck fat. It acts as a perfect serve with potatoes, beans and pasta. This gourmet food comes with four legs and twelve legs packing, popularly used for banquet and is the perfect holiday treat.

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